Ube, the Purple Yam: What Filipinos Want You to Know

by Lynda Lorraine

Ube, the beloved violet hued tuber of the Philippines has gained great popularity this year on both sides of the Atlantic and Filipino’s are eager to let everyone know that ube is a traditional Filipino food, with worries over cultural appropriation.

Below are three articles outlining the history and concerns surrounding the recent rise in popularity of the purple yam.

Ube Brownie & Ube Ice-Cream by Mamasons, a Filipino run Ice Cream Parlour in London

Everything You Need to Know About Ube, The Purple Yam

By Margaret Sutherlin on chowhound.com

Purple Yam Ice Cream at Trader Joe’s

Ube Ice Cream Is The Flavor Of Summer 2019, But Here’s What Filipinx Folks Want You To Know

By Christine Bumatay on bustle.com

Traditional Deserts from the Philippines

Ube: The Philippine Purple Yam (More Popular Than Vanilla!)

By Ronica Valdeavilla on theculturetrip.com

Filipino Ice-Cream Truck Selling Home Made Ice Cream in Traditional Filipino Flavours

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