16-18 Nov 2018
An exhibition brought to you by the technical and administrative staff at Royal College of Art. The exhibitors have a wealth of skills-based knowledge, which is put to use on a daily basis supporting students across the College.
Courtyard Galleries, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London

Lynda continues her exploration of the meaning of family, home, internationality, diversity and global citizenship from last year’s Hidden exhibition. This installation combines a backing print consisting of monochrome painted family portraits, the originals of which were shown in last years Hidden exhibition at the RCA.

The family members portrayed range in age from their teens right up to ninety years old and live all over the world, not just in the Philippines and England where the Artists family heritage lies. The reasons for their original migrations are complex, sometimes temporary, but often permanent. Most made their original moves predominantly for an economic need to support their families.

These portraits are delicately and partially concealed by several diaphanous fabric drapings. Viewers participate in this piece by simply being present. This interactive and participatory work directly depends on the audience literally stepping past the hangings causing them to move and change, with the breeze of passers-by directly affecting the dynamics of the piece and as such becoming part of, and affecting this anonymous global ‘family’.

Viewers are also encouraged to reach out and brush the layers as they navigate the piece. This engagement causes the piece to move further, these subtle movements and variable translucency and fluidity symbolise the adaptability of culture and personality within a global backdrop, as well as the changing and sometimes obscure and misunderstood nature of global culture, global families and second generation immigrant identities.

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