My First Ultra – The North Downs 52.75km Challenge

by Lynda Lorraine
North Downs 50k 2019, an Action Challenge Event
Royalty Free Music by Ben Sound Music

I am usually a lone wolf when it comes to road running. But I jumped at the chance of doing my first ultra distance when I was asked to join a group of friends for the North Downs 50km Challenge.

There is something meditative about running on your own and I find a regular running practice a brilliant way to switch off from the world and focus on being present. But there is something very pleasing about sharing the experience of a long journey on foot with a group.

There were ups (Box Hill) and downs (bruised toenails). The endless scenery, a long damp slog in a dark tunnel through the forest when I felt like my legs would fall off, laughing at our silly-ness when we were full of energy at the start and equally when the fatigue started to hit, and the hot air by the side of the wide expanse of a sunny cornfield are definite highlights; and is an experience I would gladly repeat in the future.

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