Mamasons: Europes First Filipino Ice-Cream Parlour

by Lynda Lorraine

I love food and love all things Filipino, so imagine my joy when I found out that there was a contemporary Filipino ice-cream parlour located in one of my old haunts; Kentish Town in London. Shortly after my discovery they decided to open a branch in London’s Chinatown, adding to their exposure and kudos. And even shortly after that they won the sweet treat award at The Golden Chopsticks Awards (GCAs) founded by Gok Wan, Lucy Mitchell and Sarah Lewis to recognise Oriental cuisine across the UK. Their mission is to celebrate the enormous contribution of Oriental cuisine to the UK catering industry and champion those who work within it.

Best Sweet Treat Award – Mamasons Dirty Ice-Cream

Mamasons is London’s first Filipino ice-cream parlour and is a Filipino run, Filipino sweet treat heaven, celebrating all of the best sweet flavours and dishes from the Archipelago with their own unique fun contemporary twists. I can guarantee that if you have a sweet tooth there will be something for everyones taste. Mamasons not only wants to create hand made original Filipino ice-cream, but they are endeavoring to create and deliver a cultural experience for their customers by inviting you into the cosy and bright surroundings of their lounges to while away a few minutes or afternoon eating and slurping your way through their menu.

Mamasons Camden Town, London
Mamasons China Town, London

Dirty Ice-cream‘, also known as Sorbetes, is the traditional variation of ice-cream made in the Philippines. It is distinct from the similarly named sorbet. Sold by street sellers typically in Manila and is usually served with small wafers, sugar cones and sweet bread rolls. It can be made with coconut or cows milk and is seen in wide variety of flavours such as durian, mango or ube and can even be flecked with shavings of keso, a Filipino mild cheese.

Dirty Ice-Cream Vendor in Manila
Dirty Ice-Cream Truck

Mamason signatures include their own twists on ice-cream, halo-halo, bilog, pandesal, buko pie, brownies and much more with popular Filipino flavours such as malty Milo, earthy ube, creamy White Rabbit, refreshing guybayano and calamansi or luxurious leche flan.

My personal favourites are their classic halo-halo, ube hot coco and ube and white chocolate brownie with ube ice-cream. Yes, I am an ube fiend!

Unless otherwise linked images © Mamasons

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