Focus: Nikita Sacha

by Lynda Lorraine

In my Focus Series I will highlight and help increase visibility of artistic practitioners of Filipino descent so that future generations of people of Filipino descent have names and faces that they can relate to of their own heritage.

Lynda Lorraine

In the first of this series I introduce Nikita Sacha, an Artist of Filipino descent who first came to my attention while at the BP Portrait Award 2018 exhibition.

Her striking image stood out from the other shortlisted artworks, both for its scale, subdued colouration and abstract execution of a predominantly traditionally focussed portraiture exhibition.

I have chosen an image here that is from the same painting series which she exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. The series is called Ang Mahabang Gabi ng Iyong Liwanag (‘The Long Night of Your Light’ in Tagalog) and is a series exploring her personal relationships conducted over long distances. She moved to San Francisco, USA to pursue her MFA in Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts University there, where video calls were her primary mode of communication to those back home in the Philippines. She delicately interpreted visuals from the video calls made when internet signals were weak and used these images as a visual for disconnection in this series.

Image © Nikita Sacha

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