Art Practice and the Nine to Five

by Lynda Lorraine

For the majority of artists with limited resources, having a second job is a mandatory aspect to creating a sustainable visual practice.

Sometimes you can still work in the arts, but many can’t or don’t. Location, hours, pay, flexibility and inspiration all have their part to play.

Personally I’ve had many variations on this theme. Working evenings in call centres, weekends in shops, part time in universities and bars, freelancing in fashion full time and assisting other artists and creatives. And when the opportunity has arisen, jobs that even inform and feed my practice, such as my current role working as technical support at Royal College of Art, where creative output is at the centre of daily life.

All have their pro’s and cons but ultimately and ideally, juggling a second job should lead to the head space, the physical space and time to explore and fully realise your art.

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