About Lynda Lorraine

by Lynda Lorraine


“I’m an Artist, Fashion Designer, Photographer and Activist who is on a mission to promote diversity and equality, preserve environments and species, and boost awareness of sustainability issues caused by the damaging effects of human activity.”

I studied fashion at Central Saint Martins in London, UK and freelanced as a women’s fashion designer and trend forecaster for many years before coming full circle back to the world of art, where my creative journey originally began as a child drawing and photographing the world around me. Freelancing in fashion naturally led me into web design, visual communication and copywriting.
I feel at home drawing, painting and recording life around me, wherever I find myself. During my fashion years, I drew on my heritage as inspiration, creating silhouettes for the catwalk which combined Eastern simplicity, Western extravagance and a punk aesthetic. I continued my love for life drawing and photography throughout. I now meld my life experiences and subjects explored throughout my career with the the traditional arts of painting and drawing with writing, film making and photography.
As a Londoner, I feel privileged to be in a position where I work with global citizens and creatives from a wide breadth of backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis. Above all I am passionate about diversity, inclusivity, equality, conservation and sustainability and seek out individuals and organisations who share these passions to work with.


HOMEMy family is from the United Kingdom and the PhilippinesMidlanders in England who came to London during the industrial revolution in the 19th century and Kapampangans in the Philippines that have explored the globe in search of work and economic improvement in the 20th and 21st centuries. Between them, they have explored every inch of this Earth, as diverse and adaptable as the global population itself.
GLOBAL CITIZENWhile I am of English and Filipino descent, I feel passionately that I am also a European and Global Citizen
CONSERVATIONI raise money for habitat and wildlife conservation, a subject I feel very strongly about because I believe that without a healthy home, we all suffer.
TRAVEL – My husband and I both share a passion for travel and discovering the world. Exploring the life, food, art and culture of Europe and further afield when the time and budget allows.
EDIBLESWe also grow our own edible plants on our London allotment. We have fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, edible flowers and everything in between. It gets us outside, creative in the kitchen and it has taught us to treasure the Earth and to find ways to help our little patch thrive naturally.
COCKTAILSI have a penchant for a luxury cocktail bar and a strong classic cocktail to match. I took my love for cocktails to another level when I trained in international cocktail bartending. I am now a rusty, but qualified bartender.
ATHLETEI start my days with movement, doing everything I can to cultivate the love I have of practicing yoga, ballet and long distance running.
ARTArt is my life long love. Yet I feel that I have only just begun my storytelling journey through the visual arts, with so much more work yet to do. I started with my own story, and it’s my life’s work to tell all of your stories too.


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