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Lynda Lorraine at Akanista Mindfulness

My journey with meditation has been a sporadic one over the years, where I often struggled to maintain a daily practice. A story that is common to many, especially in western culture.

Nearly three years ago I had the opportunity to attend former Buddhist monk Karuna Priya’s weekly meditation sessions and haven’t looked back since.

Karuna is a natural guide and I settled into his gentle and knowledgeable style very quickly. Setting me up for more sustainable methods for living with mindfulness and continual learning for cultivating a daily mediation practice.

I have since attended workshops with both Karuna and co-founder of Akanista Mindfulness Nitima, which I can highly recommend. I have found their guidance and understanding indispensable for navigating a modern, busy and urban life.

Their next 6 week mindfulness course starts this month and you can book via the link below.

6-week Mindfulness Course & Day Retreat for Happiness

Lynda Lorraine at Akanista Mindfulness
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