Lynda Lorraine
London, UK

Internationally focussed Artist, Higher Education facilitator, former Fashion Designer and Digital Agency Creative Director with expertise in teaching, learning, mentoring for creatives, management, digital media, communication and branding strategy.

Artists practice based in painting, drawing, draping using traditional and digital mediums exploring living culture, figurative study, portraits, mavericks, concepts of family, home and exploration of movement and space.

Passionate about inspiring a diverse, creative and active lifestyle and championing the power of art, nature, movement and cuisine.

Create a self-sustaining visual art practice and facilitate artistic development at a high level
Build mentoring, teaching, discussion and awareness of the subjects and disciplines I explore
Make a cultural contribution to the artistic landscape of the UK and beyond

Lynda was born in Surrey in the late 70s and is of English and Filipino descent. As an Artist her focus and greatest inspirations drew from the human body and the environment we all occupy. She graduated with an MA in Womenswear from Central Saint Martins after her BA in Fashion Design Technology from London College of Fashion. Her two dissertations, one exploring the relationships our bodies have with the architectural spaces we occupy everyday and the second exploring sculptural beauty in couture and high fashion history in a contemporary context were both clear foundations to her later work.

Following her graduation show and an exhibition on the Harrods international floor alongside the likes of Dior and Chanel, she was headhunted as head designer for the London label Milla. Using the sculptural system of pattern cutting she developed as an art and fashion student in previous years for the first time in the professional realm. With a keen eye for the structural aspects of garment construction alongside her highly tuned spatial awareness and sculptural touch. Both collections garnering international recognition.

Her well rounded and broad sense of artistic, technical and digital industries saw her expanding her remit in the years to follow as creative director for a web design and fashion forecasting company, a forerunner to the fashion blogging and street style reporting culture we saw develop in the early noughties. And in higher education joining the Technical Services management team as a facilitator for teaching & learning and working closely with the 100+ technical teams and 60+ technical spaces at Royal College of Art.

What followed was a period of independent work as an artist and designer. Concepts of space, movement and identity continued to be central to her work, through exploration of dance, physical movement, architectural spaces, live art, family, home, migration, living culture, mavericks and popular culture and her attention to how it relates and effects us in the everyday space.

Lynda has led her creative output for over ten years, with a number of commissions, various exhibited and televised works. And in that time has melded fashion, painting, moving image, photography, sculptural, pyrography and drawing concepts as well as adding digital and social design and further fine art techniques to her range.

Tech savvy and multidisciplinary, Lynda combines her largely self-taught skills as an artist with her formal training as a luxury womenswear designer and digital skills honed as a business owner.

She creates combinations of flowing and organic sculptural pieces on and of the body, wistful photographic scenes, raw portrait paintings, drawings that dance across paper, wood and metal and moving image works. Often using her own unique techniques, honed after years of practice and rule breaking.