Lives & Works in London, UK

Lynda Lorraine is an internationally focussed emerging contemporary Artist.
Dedicated to full time Fine Art practice since 2014.
A former professional fashion creative & largely self taught artist with more than two decades working in the arts, fashion, web & creative industries.

Currently looking for opportunities to enhance & grow her current practice. To create a self sustaining studio practice through visual exploration, commissions/special projects, exhibiting, travel, writing, arts education & undergraduate/postgraduate leadership. To build discussion & awareness of the subjects she explores and to make a cultural contribution to the artistic landscape of the UK and beyond.

Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate in some way.

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Lynda Lorraine started her creative journey as a youngster in Greater London in the 80s & early 90s through art & photography. With numerous part time jobs to support herself through University & to supplement her creative endeavours through the years including but not exclusively; a long stint in the theatre, barmaid, elderly psychiatric nursing, working among the gibbons at a large Zoo, more than a few fashion retail appointments, selling high end cigars to the rich & famous in Covent Garden & high end threads in Knightsbridge, as well as the time she was a London black cab & model booker (not at the same time!). But these were mere sidelines to the main goal. The mid 90s found herself moving to central London for her stints at London College of Fashion & the MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins where she cut her teeth in Fashion Design; first of all in tailoring until she discovered couture draping techniques with silks & how to manipulate leather. All the while keeping art going in the background. Also Modelling, Styling, Tailoring, Draping, Publishing, Vintage Fashion & International Retail were thrown into the mix which included shows in London Fashion Week, various shoots & exhibitions, floor displays in Harrods & interest from international brands such as Barneys in New York & Matthew Williamson. As a result worked for over a decade working on her own freelance gigs and running a joint Limited Company for 6 years. Her ventures covering women’s fashion, trends, creative direction, web design, strategy, branding & more.

Lynda Lorraine is of English & Filipino descent & has a natural sense of cultural fusion & a beatnik way of life that grew out of her upbringing. This has flourished into an innate understanding of culture, people, entertainment, diversity, travel, global art, fashion & retail markets as well as many creative processes, products & materials. Her personal work draws from her life & her varied creative experiences over the years for her current art practice. The body has always been central to her work, even sometimes as the canvas itself. From life drawing at school, to the acrylic paintings of tattoos on her school bags to her days of couture draping. Essentially art is what drives everything she does.

She explores identity, movement & our place in the world; cultural, familial, sexual, gender, beatniks, warriors & more. Her work is full of lifes stories, melancholy & a sense of imperfectness. Showing you personal spaces, journeys, travel, the concept of home & family, mavericks, relationships, cross cultural aspects, living culture, connections & desire. Predominantly utilising natural living materials such as wood, oil paint and silk, mark making on and with them as a tattoo artist would indelibly mark the skin. And when relevant simultaneously melding these with those of traditional and contemporary forms such as photographic film and digital mediums.

She questions & seeks out alternative ways in all parts of her life, building on her experience through the years. But not necessarily at the cost of simplicity, important traditions, friendships, equality, discipline & nurturing in both her career & personal life. This creates curiosity in others to her seemingly unconventional manner. Often being asked things along the lines of ‘are you punk?’.

The media she has used in her work may have morphed on her creative journey through the years, but above all Lynda Lorraine has always been an Artist.